VIP Award VIP Award

The VIP Award is given by the competition organisers and is given to a person or group which stands out for a particluar contribution to the doll world.

In 2008 the German artist Petra Seiffert won the award for her work in promoting Reborns as well as her work in creating instructional assistance to others as well as developing new products.

In 2009 the family Biemann (of Schildkröt Dolls) were presented with the award for their outstanding contribution to the doll world. The award itself was presented to Stephan Biemann, then current director of Schildkröt.

In 2010 American doll artist Stephanie Sullivan was awarded the prize for her oustanding contribution to the doll world.

In 2011 Sandie Unger was awarded the VIP prize as a recognition of her tremendous support for the doll community.

In 2012 Carie Ferg, chief editor of DOLLS Magazine was presented with the VIP Award for her dynamism and creativity within the doll world.