Vikki Ebbeling: Exclusive interview with Colliii Award winning artistVikki Ebbeling: Exclusive interview with Colliii Award winning artist

Doll artist Vikki Ebbeling won the "Best Toddler" award in 2011 and we have met up to find out who this talented artist is. Vikki tells us about her winning doll, her doll skills and gives her response to recent criticism of the doll world. The Colliii Award 2011 winning artist has been interview in another exclusive...

Vikki Ebbeling
Vikki Ebbeling Congratulations on your success! This was your first time entering the Colliii Awards and you were not only nominated but also won.

Vikki: Hello! Yes, this is the very first time entering the Colliii Awards. I must say that I am STILL feeling the affects of the excitement of not only being nominated...but actually winning the OOAK toddler category. What motivated you to enter?

Vikki: My husband motivated me to enter. What made you enter the doll that eventually won?

Vikki: As the days went by my husband (my dearest friend)... kept probing me to enter her. Finally..on the very last day and hour of the entry HE decided to take charge and enter her for me. Did you make it especially for the Colliii Awards?

Vikki: NO...I actually created her over a long period time as I felt the pleasure of free time. What has happened to the doll now? Do you still have it or has it found a new home?

Vikki: My " Lauren Grace "toddler is in the process of being made into a vinyl doll and will be released for sale at an upcoming doll show.. The Colliii Awards is the largest doll making competition in the world. How has the response been to your achievement?

Vikki: I have had a wonderful overwhelming congratulations from family and collector friends. With the doll market moving towards new directions, what kind of dolls are you going to be making in the future?

Vikki: I am now working on a FULL silicone sculpt to be created into a soft silicone medium. I also have a lot of interest in small ball jointed I will create a series of them in the near future. I have been offered a position to create a few dolls for a reputable doll company.I am excited about creating these dolls as there will be a new concept involved in the creation of them. What advice would you give to budding artists?

Vikki: I would like to tell budding artists... to never give up on their creations...thinking they might not be good enough. It takes time to get in touch with your inner self. Our creations are a release of what inspires us from within. We are both simple and complex at the same time. As we struggle so much to become what we want to be....we then begin to realize... all we need to do is let go...and be what we really are! We are the beholders of our own dreams. How do you view the criticism doll making has received recently, especially reborn dolls and the artists that make them?

Vikki: Dolls have been created since the beginning of time.I believe they can fulfill the dreams of nurturing and companionship inborn in us. From a young child to an elderly person....we all have a need to relate. While we know dolls are not real...but only a representation of reality...we can enjoy ...and love... the emotions and feelings released by us...brought on from the "likeness" of dolls as human beings. We can reminisce on times when our children were little...on times when we were younger....and bring the pleasures we once knew the very present. We are not nurturing the dolls themselves...but our very own souls.

Vikki Ebbeling
Lauren Grace
Colliii Award winning Toddler
New silicon doll Akira
Happy Akira