Updated general rulesUpdated general rules

To ensure for a fairer competition we have added to the General Rules for OOAK and Reborns...

In order to ensure a completely fair competition with no hidden
advantages for anyone we have updated our General Rules for the
categories Reborn.... and OOAK.

This updating has been put as
point 10 in the rules for these 2 categories an has been added to
ensure that nobody has an unfair advantage in the competition.

We want to offer a sporting fair play for everbody, in every category and the point 10 will ensure this.

that has displayed their kit publically be it on the internet, by
printed media, by fotos or other means during the competition or before
will not be allowed to enter that particular doll for the competition
as it might have an unfair advantage over lesser known artists. The
competition is not biased and the voters should nto be influenced by
"Brand name artists" so we are going to keep everything anonymous for
the inital rounds. Obviously the winers of the competition will be
announced and made public, but during the voting the doll should be
voted for on the quality of work and not on the star status of certain

For more info see the General Rules for Reborns.... and OOAK´s