Tonner Dolls: New Marilyn Monroe collectionTonner Dolls: New Marilyn Monroe collection

Are diamonds a girls best friend? Marilyn Monroe was the biggest female star on the planet and Tonner Dolls have recreated her in their own special tribute dolls. Read on to find out more...


These exclusive Marylin Monroe dolls are on sale now at Tonner Doll.
The group of dolls starts at $89 and goes up to $189 for the Diamonds doll.

Each doll comes in a beautiful Marylin outift and the dolls are 16" high. Other outfits are available in the Tonner Doll direct webshop.

These dolls could be a wonderfu late Christmas present and you can buy them direct from Tonner Doll now.


16" Diamonds
Marilyn Monroe as Pola Debevoise
"I Just Adore Conversation"
"I am Lorelei Lee"