Skylar from Debbie de Graaf on sale nowSkylar from Debbie de Graaf on sale now

The new doll kit from Debbie de Graaf in on sale now. We met up with Debbie to present to you her new doll kit in this interview...

Debbie de Graaf
Debbie de Graaf What was your inspiration for Skylar and where did the name come from?

Debbie: I have always loved the name Skylar, and I don´t think there is another kit with the same name, so thats why I picked that name. Plus the name suits the sculpt! Skylar is limited to 200 units. Why is she limited?

Debbie: Skylar is limited to 200 because I think a limited edition makes a kit more special. Also producing her myself means the cost is very high. I might change int he future and make larger editions when my work is more known.

Skylar costs $75 and will make a large newborn size baby approx 21' when finished.

3/4 Arms & 3/4 Legs, She needs take 20mm eyes.

Her head measures 15 inches in circumference

A cloth Body is NOT included but she will fit most regular 21inch 3/4 limbed bodies.

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Debbie de Graaf
The new kit from
Doll artist Debbie de Graaf
Skylers feet
Skylars hands