Register now for the Colliii Awards 2012Register now for the Colliii Awards 2012

The registrations for this year online doll competition have begun. Read on to find out more about the Colliii Awards 2012 including payment details...

The first part of this years competition is now underway!
To register your dolls for the competition has never been easier. Firstly look at the categories that you can enter your dolls for. These are both found in the Colliii Awards 2012 section of the website under "Categories" and also through this link

Once you have decided which category you would like to enter your doll/dolls for, then log on to the website if you haven´t already done so, and click on the Colliii Awards Registrations 2012 section of the website found on the left or through this link

Then simply choose the category you would like to enter for and fill out the boxes and upload the photos! When registering your doll remember to select the appropriate sub category for you entry.

The registration period will run until the 31st of August so get your dolls ready soon!


At this point we would again like to thank our sponsors for their help and the vital support which will no doubt make this years competition a success.