Real Effects 3rd summer sale is on!Real Effects 3rd summer sale is on!

Its that time of the year again and Real Effect we got an olympic size offer for you!

You can now order any Evelina Wosnjuk, Ros Johnson, Olivia Stone and Carol Kneisley and even Daisy (Bonnie Brown) or Muriel (Esther Kallouz) kit for only €50! If you order more than 4 kits Nicky Creation will even through in the fitting bodies! Thats a saving of almost €30 per kit!!!

This offer will run for 10 days and until the 25th of August. Please remember that due to the high demand, processing times might be a little longer than normal.

Click here for the following kits:

Evelina Wosnjuk kits
Ros Johnson kits
Olivia Stone kits
Carol Kneisley kits