Prosculpt 2012 winners now onlineProsculpt 2012 winners now online

Jack Johnston Art Dolls and ProSculpt have announced the winners of their ProSculpt Contest for one-of-a-kind sculptures. Here are the 2012 winners...

2nd Moon by Palma Battaglia
2nd Moon by Palma Battaglia

Jack Johnston is not only a famous doll maker and teach in his own right, but also organises the Prosculpt doll making competition.

In the competition there were three categories: Professional, Advanced, and Beginning, and the winner of each category receive a year’s supply of ProSculpt clay (12 bars). Lesser prizes were awarded to the second and third-place winners in each category.

The winner of the professional category was Diane Guelinckx, with Maya Xchippi and Claudine Roelens taking second and third places, respectively. Karen Baker won the advanced category, followed by Melaine Ingold and Kelly Beckett. The beginning winner was Palma Paitagua, followed by Jen Lewis and Machael Natoli.

Here are the winning dolls for you!

2nd Moon by Palma Battaglia
Key to her heart by Diane Guelinckx
African Series by Michael Natoli
Amber-Lynn by Kelly Beckett
Avery by Maya Schipp
Elizabeth by Renata Jansen
Mad Hattress by Jen Potter
Old Queen by Karen Baker
Rori by Melanie Ingold
Sweet Dreams by Elisa Gallea
Vintage by Claudine Roelens