Peterborough Doll ShowPeterborough Doll Show

Great success for the Discover Dolls show in Peterborough (England)

This year the Discover Dolls show at the Holiday Inn hotel in Peterborough (About 150 miles north of London, England) was held on 8th of June and was visited by over 1000 people with the queue to enter the show running through the hotel out into the car park.

The show itself is run and organised by Cathy Read the editor and publisher of the Discover Dolls magazine in England and has been a great focus point for the doll community in England over recent years, while still attracting international exhibitors such as Dutch artist Marina de Zeeuw whose OOAK mini babies attracted a huge amount of interest due to their incredible details, also from Holland was the Secrist supplier Atelier Wiesje.

From Germany Real Effect presented their selection of paints, mohairs, glass eyes and kits and Once so real´s Carmen Sommer presented a selection of their kits too, while Greek sculpter Tina Kewy passed on her extensive knowledge thorugh her courses.

Other courses at the show were held by Simply Reborn Dolls and the fact that these courses were well visited shows that the interest for Reborning in England is growing. This can also be seen as the amount of people displaying their work is increasing from year to year. Reborning has been mentioned in notable television documentaries in England, Germany, France and even South Korea where artist Jamie Eaton has been displaying her tremendously popular reborns.

The Discover Dolls show is normally held twice a year and is the largest doll show in England where Reborn artists, sculpters and producers come together to display their work while collectors browse the stands looking for the highest quality dolls.

It was at this show that the Colliii Awards was first presented to introduced to artists, producers and collectors and the enormous amount of international response will make for a very close and exciting competition throughout the summer.

The champagne reception that was organised by the Real Effect team in the hotel on the saturday was a great meeting point for artists and collectors alike and was a nice opportunity for member of the doll community to come together and discuss their art.

The show iteself started at 9.30am with a 1 hour private viewing of the presentations by select VIP guests. The show after that was open from 10.30 to the public and was very busy throughout the afternoon until the show ended at 4.30pm
The Real Effect presentation tables were well visited and many artists showed their interest in the non heat set paints, mohair and hand blown glass eyes from the Real Effect selection.

The amount of interest shown in the Colliii Awards was outstanding, with artists from numerous countries asking how to register for the competition, as well as collectors asking how to vote on the entries.
So many people from so many countries are registering that it will be interesting to see which countries artists recieve the most votes and awards.

We would like to encourage all who are thinking about registering to get involved, use this international, multi language opportunity to display your work to the world in a way that has never been possible before and see where this road will take you.
We are looking forward to welcoming you to the competition and are sure you will represent you, your work, your guild, your country!

Get your work online, get busy voting and look forward to all the prizes that will we be awarded. The coverage will be enormous and it will be very very interesting to see how it develops!

Best regards


To the Discussion:

The Holiday Inn location of the show
Reborners meeting in the hotel
The Real Effect champagne reception
Marvellous rooting
The Real Effect champagne reception
English reborn artists and collectors
The reborners take the dolls everywhere
Real Effect doll Celine eyecatchingly displayed
Best seller baby "Nils" overseeing the Colliii presentation
James Carlsson of Real Effect hard at work
Real Effect products
Television documented artist Jamie Eaton
Beautiful mini babies from Marina de Zeeuw
UK Reborn artist and collector Karen Swift
Andre Flottmann of Nicky Creation
Cath Roberts of Small Wonders
Discover Dolls editor Cathy Read and friends
Beautiful OOAK dolls from Monika Nasikos, Germany
Reborn dolls for sale
UK doll dealer Jayne Seddon
Discover Dolls magazines
Doll collectors were with an abundance of choice
Top sculpter from Greece Tina Kewy
The many faces of Reborning