New Tonner Doll convention dollsNew Tonner Doll convention dolls

Have you seen the brand new "Tonner Air" collection. This aeronautic themed doll collection is available now as well as the "Bird" themed collection and you can see the best of the dolls here!

Captain Paul $159
Captain Paul $159

This new set of Tonner Dolls is online and ready for collectors!

The "Tonner Air"Collections reminds a lot of the old 50´s style Pan Am airline and is a lot of fun. The attention to detail goes all the way down to the retro style travel bag!

The dolls are limited editions and the maximum edition is of only 300 units, so if you like one, buy it now!

All of the dolls can be bought on the Tonner website.

These dolls would fit in the Colliii Awards 2012 collector doll section, and it will be interesting to see who wins that category!





Captain Paul $159
Kay Tonner $159
Shelly $159
The Tonner Air retro bag
Amazonian Wonderwomen $175
Angel Magentism $199
Diamonds $350
Judy $89
Peacock $225
The Parrot $225
The Raven $225