More Reborn Nominees for the Colliii Awards 2012More Reborn Nominees for the Colliii Awards 2012

The jury voting is coming to a close and here are some more nominations for the Reborn category. Is your doll in there?!


We are so happy that we have an eager jury voting on your dolls!

It is also wonderfull to see how each jury member sees the dolls in a different way.

Below are some of the final nominations. The final jury votes will be put online before the Wednesday this week and will be the winners turn!

We would like to thank all those taking part for their cooperation and support of this huge competition and we look forward to promoting all those that took part, especially the nominees and the future winners!





Chloe by Cathy King
Max by Elena Andreeva
Saoirse by Jorja Pigott
Iris by Arantxa Vierna Carles-Tolrá
Willow by Carrey Simons
Zachy by Daria Makarenkova
Divine by Sylvie Bedra
Cuddles by Irene Gould