Meet multi Award winning German doll artist Karola WegerichMeet multi Award winning German doll artist Karola Wegerich

The German sculpter Karola Wegerich was crowned with more Colliii Awards at the 2012 competition. She won "Best Human" and her doll kit produced by Real Effect also was awarded Best Baby 2012
We met up with her in Erfurt (East Germany) for this exclusive interview...

Johann, Colliii Award winner 2012
Johann, Colliii Award winner 2012 Congratulations Karola! How did it feel to win "Best OOAK Human 2012"? What was your initial reaction?

Karola: I was over the moon! I ran to see my daughter and she laughed and said "It was about time! Thats your 4th time trying!" 

The doll Johann was a sculpt based on my grandson so the prize meant even more to me than it normal would do.  Was it a suprise to win your second and third Colliii Awards in just 2 years?

Karola: It was great. Obviously I am thrilled that my hard work was recognised, but also grateful, not only for the votes, but also that Real Effect, my producers in Germany, trusted my work and entered the kit in the Doll Kits section. They have so many kits to choose from, so it was nice the decided to enter mine for the competition! It will be interesting to see who win it in 2013 and which artists or producers enter their kits!  What have you done with little Johann?

Karola: Johann is currently being made into a kit and I hope he will be ready soon.  I am sure a lot of Reborn artists and doll collectors will have him on their list. I love the bigger dolls because they are so versatile and you can do so much with them.  After you won an award last year, what expectations did you have for this year? Why did you decide to enter again?

Karola: I entered again because I know, like most people do, that the whole world watches the Colliii Awards. It is the most recognised competition and the coverage it gets in second to none.  What brought you into sculpting?

Karola: It was a progression from Reborning. I got into Reborning in 2009 and I liked it but it wasn´t 100% my thing, in some ways I lacked a lot of patience.
I have to admit that my first attempts at sculpting were not great, but it was a lot more satisfying for me than Reborning so I stuck with it.  Do you also take custom orders for your dolls?

Karola: To be honest I dont have that much time, but if there is a child or baby that appeals to me a lot, then I would make an exception!
I do go to shows, for example here in Erfurt, but I also use Facebook and my own website.  Do you have any tips for budding artists?

Karola: I would say the most important thing is to enjoy what you are doing. If you can enjoy the experience and the creativity then your results can be even better!  Thank you for your time Karola, we look forward to seeing you at the 2013 Colliii Awards!


Johann, Colliii Award winner 2012
Karola in Erfurt
Josefine, the new Karola doll from Schildkröt
Annie, Reborn by Lilia Ziems
OOAK Bruno