Meet Italian doll artist and Colliii Award winner Fabrizio CorboMeet Italian doll artist and Colliii Award winner Fabrizio Corbo

He is a dynamic young artist from Italy and he was awarded with the Best Mini Fantasy Figure 2012. Here is one of the most promising artists of the year...
Fabrizio Corbo

Fabririo Corbo
Fabririo Corbo

Fabrizio Corbo is a fashion design student from the home of fashion...Bella Italia! You are a newcomer to the Colliii Awards. How did you find out about the competition?

Fabrizio: I never realized what  Colliii meant as a word, but I often heard people speaking about it, so I was intrigued... then one day I forced myself to figure out what it was, and I found the notice of competition thanks to a friend of mine, he told me that Colliii was an acronym that stood for an important competition. I thought I would enter even though I never thought I stood a chance What motivated you to enter the competition?

Fabrizio: I've always loved to play around, to challenge myself in the most difficult tests, so I decided to participate in the Colliii knowing that many people would have done it, so I decided to participate only as an experience, because I wanted to try to be assessed by a jury of experts, to really know what they thought really of my work is not only my friends but also experienced people.  How did you decide what to enter?

Fabrizio: I tried to find an original idea that could "stand out" a little, and since it was a long time since I had a vision of a mermaid and a fairy in my head, I said to myself: why not implement it for this occasion? I immediately set to work against the clock, it was already very late now! so I worked even at night! And I sent the photos and the inscription on the day before the expiry date. How long have you been sculpting for and why do you like it?

Fabrizio: Since I was in kindergarten I have always had a passion for the fairies, I still remember my kindergarten teacher every time I drew a different one, I was fascinated by this mysterious world, at same time I've always liked working with my hands, doing small jobs, creative, and experiments, but I never thought I could combine my passion for the figure of the fairy with my little skill.

I've always had a passion for dolls, and my mother always had to buy me dolls. As you can imagine this has caused me more than a few problems, because it is not normal that a guy can have the passion with dolls, but my mother was not interested in the opinion of the people, she just wanted to see me happy as others children, and if I was happy with the dolls , what is the problem?

So I started collecting, but hardly touched them I just wanted to keep them, perfect, combed, dressed, I had only to look at them, look at the features of the face, eyes, hair and the details of the clothes and my imagination wandered. When did move into sculpting yourself?

Fabrizio: In 2009, at 14 years of age, when I found OOAK dolls on the internet. I started making polymer dolls and worked slowly making various ugly skeletons. I could only ever see the flaws in my work, but through this art form i can release my fantasies, my ideas and emotions. I am glad that didnt listen to common logic and force myself to play football "what people expect of a boy in Italy", because I think its important to do what is important for you!

You can find out more about Fabrizio Corbo on his website here


Fabririo Corbo
Colliii Award 2012 winner!
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