Meet Colliii Awards 2012 winner Claire HughesMeet Colliii Awards 2012 winner Claire Hughes

English Reborn artist Claire Hughes has been nominated for Colliii Awards in the past. As a producer she has won prizes for her doll kits and this year she won "Best Rooting 2012. Find out more about this unique Reborning expert ino our exclusive interview...

Claire Hughes
Claire Hughes Hello Claire, why dont you start by telling everyone about yourself.

Claire: My name is Claire Hughes and I am 38. I live in Rayleigh in England and have been married to my wonderful husband Steven for 18 years. We have three beautiful children, Jack, 18, Charlotte 16 and Stevie who is 8. I work from home, so the whole family tend to get involved in my ‘dolly’ world in one way or another. Be it helping me to sort supplies and kits, or running to post something for me! My two daughters regularly attend doll shows with me.

I have been a reborn artist for the past 8 years and during this time I have met and worked closely with lots of wonderful people.

I am lucky enough to have travelled to the US and Germany, as well as around the UK, to attend shows and to teach this wonderful art.

If you would like to have a look at some of my babies, then please do feel free to visit my website: You have had a long association with the Colliii Awards. You have been a sponsor, you won as a producer with your doll kits and were presented your award at the IDEX 2010, you´ve been nominated several times as an artist and now the prize for your Reborn "Best Rooting" how does it feel?

Claire: I am absolutely thrilled to have won this Colliii award for my rooting. In the past years that I have entered both as a producer of kits and as an independent artist, to be recognized for my own individual work, to me is just out of this world and I am truly touched. I feel that although I have won awards in the past for the production of the kits which was great! The awards really stand with the original artists as it is their talent that created the original sculpt that was put into production. Would you say that Rooting is your biggest asset as a Reborner?

Claire: Hmm this is a hard one to answer? This is the second award I have won for my rooting. My first was at Tiny Treasures, IDEX in 2010 when I attended the show which was just fantastic. So maybe the answer should be yes? lol

I have created many rooting tutorials which can be found online in the Everything Reborn Forum, and also in Discover Dolls magazines.

But I do have such a thirst for knowledge of this art and sharing it! Everything I have learnt myself and with others and thinking up new ideas, new ways etc.. that I personally feel that my this would be my biggest asset as a reborner.

Everyone who knows me, knows how I LOVE to talk! I love to get involved when teaching, I love to hear and share everything about this art. I have the BEST time when I get together to do a class. You have given numerous Reborn classes and tutorials, did you hope think you would be awarded the prize for the Rooting, or did you hope "Trudy" would win something else?

Claire: No not at all, I am just so honored that people think my work is worthy of an award The standard of all the babies that entered this years competition was just mind blowing so to have been selected to win the Best Rooting has made my year. Your business is "Droplets of love". Where do you sell your Reborns? Has there been a change in the Reborn world in the past couple of years due?

Claire: My babies sell under my nursery name Droplets Of Love. I mostly sell through my website but I do advertise them on Facebook which is a great way to show off your work and also occasionally on eBay.
I attend as many doll shows as I can. I like to exhibit and the run up to a show is hard word but the feeling you get when someone comes and adopts one of your babies from a show is just wonderful! To see the new ‘mum’ in person is great. If I cant get to a show to exhibit, then I will go as a visitor, mainly to meet up with the many friends I have made over the years and of course I will always have one of my babies with me

There have been a lot of changes in Reborning since I started. From painting with ink pads and oils, through to the more advanced techniques you see on today’s babies using Genesis paints and the wonderful Real Effect Air Dry paints. This is what keeps Reborning so exciting for an artist! It is forever evolving and everyone is striving for the ‘perfect’ baby. Would you like to get back into the doll production side of things?

Claire: After resigning as Managing Director of my production company and handing my share of the business over due to ill health, I took a break from this kind of work for a year. During this time, my health improved, and I decided to re-open my original Supply and Kit company, Everything Reborn Ltd in January of this year.

At the moment I am enjoying the teaching on the forum and one to one classes that I hold. I am also enjoying being just a ‘dealer’ of kits and supplies. I feel I can keep working as an artist while offering supplies and kits that I myself would be happy to work with/on.

I may one day go back into the production side, but at the present I am happy to just work with companies and artists direct. What are your plans for the coming year?

Claire: The next year is going to be an exciting one! Lots in the pipe line for both myself as an independent artist, and also for my company. Looking forward to holding more classes with my fellow artist Mandy Houlden from Babies 2 Treasure Nursery and working with the many wonderful artists and companies out there to offer everything you could need in the shop.

I am so looking forward to reborning all the wonderful new sculpts that are out there! We really are spoilt for choice.

I may even have a go at sculpting! It is so much harder than it looks, and I really would love to learn so maybe this is something I will do in any spare time I ‘may’ get

So along with my Colliii award, it looks like 2013 is going to be a great year, thank you xxx

Claire Hughes
Colliii Award winning Trudy
Best Rooting 2012
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