Meet 2011 Colliii VIP Award winner Sandie UngerMeet 2011 Colliii VIP Award winner Sandie Unger

We met up with "Dolls by Sandie" owner Sandie Unger, winner of the 2011 Colliii VIP Award for an exclusive interview. Read on to find out what Sandie says about the doll industry and what being presented with the doll worlds largest VIP Award means to her! Congratulations on being recognized for your achievements Sandie. How does it feel to know that all your hard work has been recognized?

Sandie: I was so very surprised, I never expected it. I actually had a few of my customers emailing me with congratulations before I even knew about it. There are so many great doll business's out there. I am very honored to receive this award.

I devote myself totally to my website, my business and my customers. I am so blessed to be able to do what I love. I could not do this without my husband and daughter working here with me everyday. So I share this award with them What has helped you to stay so motivated over the years?

Sandie: I was always a person with a lot of passion and drive to create. I was always involved in some sort of craft or art over the years. With my love of dolls, I created my first website in 2000, it had 5 pages. I saw this website as another form of art, creating graphics and designs, and it drives me daily to constantly improve it.

I have been producing a small weekly newsletter for over 8 years now. This is a lot of fun to send out the new pictures and news of what is happening in the Reborn world.

How can I not be motivated over Reborning. It is such a terrific art form, a creative expression of each Reborner. It keeps evolving and improving as new ideas and new products are presented What have been some personal highlights for you during your active years in the doll industry?

Sandie: Wow, being presented with this honor of the 'Colliii VIP Award' for just doing what I love! That is amazing, and so hard to believe.

Highlights have included meeting many creative artists over the years, both in Germany and here in the US.

In August I will travel to Germany again to meet some well known artists and also to travel to the beautiful quaint town of Lauscha. We were invited to see how glass eyes are made. So this will be a big highlight. I am so excited to bring pictures and news back to my customers. Are there any particular people that you would like to thank?

Sandie: I want to Thank 'Colliii Doll Lovers Online' for creating a great place to keep up with what is happening and for a world wide competition. I know the work and involvement it takes to make this happen.

I am very proud once again, to be on the jury for the Colliii Awards and proud to be a sponsor again. I totally believe in this competition, as it brings artists from all over the world, which constantly improves this form of Art. I am excited to see what this years competition will bring.

Thanks to the artists who create the beautiful sculpts, and to the companies who work to create new products for Reborners.

And a huge Thank You to all of my customers. Without them, none of this would be possible. Thank You from the bottom of my heart!

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