Italian doll retailers Bebaby sponsor the Colliii Awards 2013Italian doll retailers Bebaby sponsor the Colliii Awards 2013

The doll world in Italy has grown rapidly over the past years and this has been partly due to the increased network of supplies reaching the country. Bebaby is one of the leading suppliers and after the success of 2012, they are now again sponsoring the Colliii Awards for 2013.
Read on to find out more about Bella Italia!

Bebaby It is our pleasure to welcome you as a sponsor for the worlds largest doll making competition! Please tell us a little about your business.

Barbara Bellinzona: Bebaby is a small business that was set up towards the end of 2010. The idea came after making several personal experiences in the doll world. I understood the difficulty that finding quality products presented and that is why I decided to start the business to offer top range products. As i was and am passionate about the things I sell I make sure I get the best!

Colliii: What is the doll making scene in Italy like?

Barbara Bellinzona: Reborning is still in its infancy in Italy. It is growing though and we are glad we are in the market already! But Italy has a lot of good doll makers, some of whom are familiar faces in the Colliii Awards. 

Colliii: That is true. There have been many talented artists that have made a name for themselves through the Colliii Awards. Do you think competitions like this help artists?

Barbara Bellinzona: Of course. A competition that is truly worldwide and that uses a very talented jury can really help artists to promote themselves. There is no two ways about it, any way that artists can promote themselves is of benefit. The fact that the voters get to nominate their favourites is also a great way to promote dolls. Bebaby is a dolls retailer. Do you also do courses for doll enthusiasts?

Barbara Bellinzona: At the moment we concentrate on the supplies side of things. We are going to be doing courses in the near future though. we are still in the expansion phase of our business. You can find out more info on our webpage

Barbara Bellinzona