Find out more: Madame Alexander dollsFind out more: Madame Alexander dolls

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In this first article we present you with amazing facts about American doll makers "Madame Alexander" DONT MISS THIS!

Madame Alexander
Madame Alexander

Did you know that Madame Alexander... 1930 was the first manufacturer to issue a doll based on a licensed character, the first of which was the Alice in Wonderland doll. Today, the tradition is continued with licensed characters based on books, movies, television, and other inspirations, including of course the Alice in Wonderland collection. the late 1930's invented SLEEP EYES - the innovation that allows a doll to close its eyes when its head is tilted back.

...created one of the first WALKING DOLLS, in 1942, appropriately named Jeannie Walker. 1947 pioneered the use of HARD PLASTIC as a new medium for the creation of dolls. The first face mould to be made in this new medium was the Margaret O’Brien.

...introduced the very first FULL-FIGURED HIGH-HEEL WEARING FASHION DOLL (Cissy™) that was used in ads for Yardley toiletries and cosmetics that appeared in magazines like Ladies Home Journal and McCalls in the 1950's. Today Cissy continues to be a fashion plate, and of our most anticipated doll lines every year!

...will be celebrating their 90th BIRTHDAY in 2013

Madame Alexander
Jeannie Walker by Madame Alexander
Cissy by Madame Alexander