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One of the new sponsors for the Colliii Awards 2012 is English based Dolls and Crafts magazine. We met up with the magazines editor Lisa Prybus to find out more and bring you this exclusive interview...

Lisa Prybus
Lisa Prybus Why did you decide to be a sponsor of this years Colliii Awards?

Lisa: I took over the running of Discover Dolls Magazine earlier this year and part of that responsibility was also taking on the sponsorships of the things that the magazine supported. Discovering Dolls & Crafts Magazine is proud to be part of the doll community and to do its part in supporting and encouraging artists. I believe competitions like Colliii and the competitions we hold in the magazine are good ways of doing that. Why did you think people should register and take part in the competition?

Lisa: Competitions are a great way of taking part in the doll community, its a good way of seeing and comparing other people's work, learning new techniques and being inspired to try them out for yourself. Doll artistry is constantly evolving and innovating and a lot of those aspects are coming from seeing people's work in competition entries. The entries are not just seen by artists, collectors get the chance to see and vote for work that they like so taking part is also a good way of marketing your work. What are you looking forward to in this years Colliii Awards? Any particular category that you prefer?

Lisa: My personal favourite categories are the Reborn Baby and the Rooting category, as an artist myself I still find rooting hard work so I really appreciate the quality of some of the work being shown, I love seeing how artists are developing new hairline patterns and taking directional microrooting to a whole new level. How did you get into the dolls industry especially into the magazine branch?

Lisa: I've been in the dolly world since early 2007, originally I was a clothing designer and I made my first doll in order to provide myself with a model for my clothing, so I could take photographs of my clothes, having made my first doll that was it, I was just hooked. I previously was the managing editor of Hello Dolly Magazine which I ran for 2 years, after that was taken over by Discover Dolls in 2010 I worked very closely with Cathy Read on producing that magazine until February 2012 when we came full circle and I took over Discover Dolls. And how did it it change into the new magazine?

Lisa: I have rebranded the magazine as Discovering Dolls & Crafts to differentiate it from the Doll Shows that Cathy runs, otherwise it would have just been too confusing! When I started Hello Dolly magazine it was because I really felt that although there were doll magazines on the market, none of them was really community based, they all seemed to focus on well known artists and their work, I felt the newer artists were really struggling to break into that group. I am a firm believer in community and that's really what I want to represent with the Magazine, now that I am running Discovering Dolls & Crafts I really want to bring that community feel into it.

I want to keep the professionalism and quality that Cathy Read created with Discover Dolls but bring in the flabour of Hello Dolly and create a community magazine that spans the whole world and gives everyone an opportunity to share their work, take part and to have a voice. Tell us about the magazine. Who will read it?

Lisa: As the magazine is read by both artists and collectors its an excellent forum to not only market artists work but also to share information on a wide range of subjects, like how to protect yourself in a purchase transaction, how to market your work. One of the things I want the magazine to do is to give all of the crafts that surround doll making a look in, the people who knit and sew for reborns, those who make baskets, nappy cakes a chance to show what they do as well, hence the adding of Crafts to the line up in the magazine. My goal is to build the magazine up to being a fully inclusive global publication with our mix of show reviews, incisive articles, news and views, competitions and community chat.

I also want Discovering Dolls & Crafts to be a support to all the doll shows and events that are taking place, obviously travelling around the world going to all of them isn't an option (how I wish it was!) but we can certainly share information about shows held around the world and display photos and advertising for them. It's tough out there right now in the dolly world, the world wide financial downturn has made times tough for everyone but I truly believe if we hang in there together and keep the faith and the community feel we have in the dolly world alive we will all come out the otherside together. All in all the future is looking bright for Discovering Dolls & Crafts and I hope we can produce a magazine that's a highlight of people's day 3 times a year.

Lisa Prybus
Discovering Dolls and Crafts Magazine