Find our more: Colliii Awards sponsor Raquel RecueroFind our more: Colliii Awards sponsor Raquel Recuero

Spanish doll specialist Raquel Recuero is the last of the sponsors for the 2012 Colliii Awards and it is our great pleasure to welcome her. Raquel is already well known in Spain for work and you can find out more about this exciting member of the doll community in this exclusive article. Read on to find out more...

Raquel Recuero
Raquel Recuero Raquel, why did you decide to sponsor the Colliii Awards 2012?

Raquel: I have just changed my branding image to compromise my three business activities (reborn dolls, supplies and reborn lessons) under one sole brand: "All Reborn". Is there a better way to "reborn" other than sponsoring the most prestigious and highly valued competition, Coliii Awards?
Besides, it is a good way to announce what All Reborn can offer to other countries such as Portual, Italy... and Latin America. What is the doll market in Spain like at the moment? Do you think extra exposure through the Colliii Awards will help you as a business and other artists

Raquel: Fortunately, there are now more and more collectors in Spain who appreciate and value what we do. The first Spanish "Reborn Dolls Show" that I have recently held in Madrid along with another reborn artist and friend, has helped as a way to promote Reborn Art and has been of benefit to all Spanish artists, since we have achieved extensive media coverage -TV, press, radio. This has given rise to new artists and collectors.

As I have expressed above, I believe Coliii Awards are a good way to announce what All Reborn can offer to the Reborn world and of course, to promote myself as an artist. What is your favorite part of the competition, maybe looking at the other dolls or the results and winners?

Raquel: What is my favorite part? Where Raquel Recuero appears as nominated artist. Joking apart, I love to see my co-artists work and realize how the level keeps improving every year. What plans do you have for this year?

Raquel: This year I would like to delve in the challenging art of sculpting, which I believe is fascinating. Moreover, my dream is to someday produce my own kits, whether sculpted by myself or by other artists.

You can find out more about Raquel Recuero by visiting here webpage

Raquel Recuero
All Reborn by Raquel Recuero