Final reminders for the Colliii Awards 2012Final reminders for the Colliii Awards 2012

The online voting will soon begin and dolls from around the world have entered the competition. Here is some updates for the competition and also vital information regarding your entries.

This is a final reminder for you to register your dolls for the Colliii Awards 2012 before the 1st of September, after which it will no longer be possible to enter dolls for the competition. It will still be possible to edit and pay for your entries up until the 10th of September, after which all unpaid and incomplete entries will be deleted.

As an artist you can enter your OOAK or Reborn dolls and silicon dolls for categories 1, 2 or 4
If you have had your dolls produced a as kit you can enter your kits for category 3

As a doll producer you can enter your silicon or play or collector dolls in the category 4 or 5.
Remember to make sure that your registrations meet the requirements for entry.

Over the last couple of days we have noticed the some of the following issues regarding photos:

* More than one image per photo. You are allowed to enter up to 10 photos. These photos are to be of only one image and not 2 or 3 images blended into 1 photo.

* Name tags and logos in the pictures. The dolls are to have no name tags on them. There are to be no logos or names of the doll maker blended into the photos.

It will be possible to pay for and edit your photos up until the 10th of September, after which time all entries not meeting the requirements will be deleted, whether paid for or not.

This really is the last chance to enter the most exciting doll competition of the year, so if you haven't registered yet, if your registrations are still not complete then hurry, its almost ready to start voting!

We wish you all the best for this unique competition!