Dolls by Sandie to sponsor the Colliii Awards 2012Dolls by Sandie to sponsor the Colliii Awards 2012

After years of successful team work, Sandie Unger has once again agreed terms to sponsor the worlds largest doll making competition...the Colliii Awards 2012.
Find out what Sandie has to say about the competition, the doll industry and more in this exclusive insider story...

Dolls by Sandie
Dolls by Sandie

Once again the Colliii Awards can count on the support of one of the doll industries longest (and best!) serving members...Dolls by Sandie´s ....Sandie Unger. is thrilled to announce to continuation of the sponsorship and partnership which has proven to be succesfull to both parties.

We met up with Sandie for this exclusive interview... Congratulations Sandie on again being a sponsor of the Colliii Awards 2012. Why did you decide to sponsor this competition again?

Sandie: I believe in it! It is the best Competition out there and it is World Wide. It is a great way for Reborners to show their art work and compete with others. With the DAE (Dolls of Excellence) awards being postponed until next year, how big do you think the Colliii´s will be this year?

Sandie: I believe it will be a huge Competition this year. I really expect to see fantastic dolls and lots of new ideas from Reborners. Last year we added silicon dolls to the awards. Is there anything special that you would like to see this year?

Sandie: What I miss is the actual judging in person at the Doll Show. I would love to see that reinstated. I think Photography plays a large role in the presentation. I would love to go back and judge from the actual viewing of the dolls in this competition. What plans does Dolls by Sandie have for the rest of this year?

Sandie: We plan to continue to grow with this Industry. We are always looking for new products and ideas. It is a fantastic form of Art and will continue to grow in realism.

We are planning a visit to Germany in August of this year. We have trips and tours planned to a few businesses, including a tour in Lausha to see the glass eyes being made. We also have scheduled an Advanced Reborn Class here again in June.
Colliii Award Nominee Reborn Artist, Lara Antonucci, will be teaching this class. It is exciting. We had so much fun last year, we just had to do it again.

We are very committed to our Website and supplying the Reborn Community with the best products, best prices and best personal service.

I have had my Website for 12 years now, my daughter joined me 6 years ago and has helped me grow to where we are today.

We love what we do.


Dolls by Sandie
Sandie Unger
Colliii Awards 2012 sponsor
Sandie with Lara Antonucci