Doll Reader photo competitionDoll Reader photo competition

Doll Reader magazine have selected the winners of our joint "Photos for Doll Reader" competition

The winners of the photo competition have been selected and the wonderful pictures have been published in the latest edition of the Doll Reader magazine.

Several weeks ago we worked together with Doll Reader on the joint venture to find the best baby photographs to be used for their article about the Colliii Awards. As expected photos from proud doll artists from around the world rained in to us.

The winning photos were selected from numerous entries, and the 4 that were chosen can be seen in the link at the bottom.

As one of our official sponsors USA based magazine Doll Reader has contributed to the amount of votes that have come in for the Colliii Awards 2008. At this point we have had over 90,000 votes to decide on the worlds most beautiful babies. With one day to go it will be exciting to see if the 100,000 votes barrier is broken!

With their help through newsletters, and advertorials such as the one you can see by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page, Doll Reader have cemented their relationship towards the Colliii Awards, and we look forward to welcoming them in person in a few weeks at the Eschwege doll show on the 8th and 9th of November.

At this point we would like to extend our thanks to Doll Reader magazine, the editors, publishers and all who have helped raise awareness for the Colliii Awards 2008.

To see the photos of the chosen babies see here!

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Elke Sigel
Michael Beier
Stefanie Nave