Discover young Belgian artist Claudine ColardiDiscover young Belgian artist Claudine Colardi

In the first part of a new initiative, will be presenting young artistic talent from around the world. Read on and meet Award winning artist Claudine Colardi...

Claudine Colardi is a young artist that is coming to the forefront at quite a speed. Find out more about her and her work in this exclusive interview Hello Claudine. Why don´t you start by telling us a little about yourself.

Claudine: Hello!!! Well, my name is Claudine Colardi, I am married, have two wonderful children 2 and 9 years old , I live in Belgium and for the last 10 years I have worked in a kindergarten.
Like most people that discovered Reborn dolls, my discovery was by chance on the internet. Although it was an accident I was intrigued and fascinated by the whole thing. After finding more and more information about it I was wanted to try for myself. So after getting over my initial fear that I couldn´t do it, I registered in a forum where I found a lot of help to start. Why was it that you were interested in Reborning, even though you thought you couldn´t do it at the beginning?

Claudine: Other than collecting Barbie dolls as I child, I was never really passionate about dolls. I was more interested in art, in particular drawing and sketching. When I was about 8 years old I started making my own comics, I also did a lot of portraits too though. My interest for Reborning dolls grew though as I viewed it as a challenge. I wanted to prove to myself that I could transform a doll kit into a realistic looking baby, but I never thought that it would grow to be such a part of my life. When people visit your site the first thing they see is the diversity on offer, boys, girls, twins even triplets! What is it that inspires you to make certain dolls?

Claudine: I try to keep things new and fresh, that way every creation is a one off. The birth of a child is something so special and unique, I try to put the same feeling into the Reborning process. So that is why I try to keep it diverse and improve my technique. How do you sell your dolls, are you happy with the return?

Claudine: At the beginning it was rather complicated. I sold my first Reborn for €50. Obviously that isn´t enough and I knew I couldn´t go on like that, but that was a start and you hve to start somewhere! I am satisfied now though. With the money that I get from the dolls I can then invest in top quality products. I have many European customers, but I sell the majority of my dolls over Ebay in the USA. You are a member of certain guilds such as CRIB (Collectable Reborn Irresistable Babies) and ERA (Exceptional Reborn Artistry). Last year you won two awards, and so far this year two of your dolls have won two awards. One of your dolls "Laure" is in the ERA calender for 2009. That is quite impressive for someone who is still "starting out" How does that make you feel?

Claudine: It´s true things have gone quite quickly. I have only been Reborning for about 18 months, so these prizes are a huge commendation for me. They really give me motivation to carry on, and to improve also. It has really helped me to know that my work is recognised. How do you manage to combine your private life with your Reborning and professional life?

Claudine: I had to re-organise everything. My husband knows how important Reborning is for me right now and he supports me a great deal. I work in the evenings when the children are asleep. I now sleep a bit less than before, but otherwise a do a lot in the school holidays. What projects have you got planned for this year?

Claudine: Well other than the babies that I have to do, I need to update my internet site. I am also hoping to start doing Proto-types for people, that would be great. In the back of my mind I am toying with the idea of starting to sculpt but at the moment I don´t have enough time! Have you also toyed with the idea of becoming a professional Reborner?

Claudine: Yes of course! But if I did that then I would have to quit my other job and I can´t do that, that would be too much.
What is the general interest like in your home country Belgium?

Claudine: The interest for Reborning is growing quite slowly, but it´s getting there. There is not quite the same enthusiasm as they was last year in France. But the forums are growing so it is just a question of time. One final question Claudine, what would you recommend to people that are thinking of starting Reborning?

Claudine: Reborning is quite a complicated art form. You need a lot of patience as some things need both time and experience. I would tell people to stick at it, don´t give up and keep your confidence that you can make it work in the end! Thanks for those encouraging words Claudine. We wish you all the best for the future!

To see more of Claudine Colardi´s wonderful dolls click here to visit her website:

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