Digital Dolls July 2012 issue out now!Digital Dolls July 2012 issue out now!

Here are the highlights of the July 2012 issue of Digital Dolls, the online version of DOLLS Magazine who are once again sponsoring the soon to begin Colliii Awards.

Digital Dolls
Digital Dolls

The July issue of Digital Dolls is now online and to see the list of contents, scroll down and click on the picture.

In this issue, R John Wright dolls are featured. Not only the reproductions of famous figures from popular literature, but also classic illustrations and art pieces are skillfully brought to life in the form of dolls.

Bo Bergemann aims to help doll collectors find the dolls of their dreams on page 40 and on page 26 the Marlaine Verhelst special shows the Dutch artists true talents.

As always, the Colliii Awards sponsors are displayed in the magazine and DOLLS Magazine will be covering the competition over the coming weeks!

To find out more about DOLLS Magazine visit their website by clicking here

Digital Dolls
Digital Dolls contents
Sponsoring the Colliii Awards