CORA becomes an official Colliii Awards 2013 sponsorCORA becomes an official Colliii Awards 2013 sponsor

The College Of Reborn Artistry (C.O.R.A) has become the latest addition of newcomers to the sponsors of what will be the largest doll making even of 2013, the international Colliii Awards.
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What does CORA stand for...we asked them and their moto is...

"CORA -the 1st and only college of reborn artistry that provides a drama free forum, yearly conferences, and free classes on line . Students collect required class crests to graduate and receive their diploma in Reborn Artistry" Welcome to the Colliii Awards 2013 sponsors! What were the reasons for joining the competition as a sponsor?

CORA: We wanted to be a Colliii sponsor because we wanted to be a part of the #1 dolls awards in the world! What can you tell us about CORA, when was it started and what is it all about?

CORA: CORA was started only a little over 1 year ago and was started as a means of learning ,sharing and growing the art of rebornng.
CORA strongly encourages artists to show off their best work and to always keep learning and bettering yourself so being a COLLIII sponsor just seemed a natural part of that !

With artists from all over the world coming together to compete it truly is a wonderful opportunity for us as artists and as a community to shine !!! What values does CORA represent?

CORA: CORA has set a standard for Reborning excellence and all members must meet the requirements to achieve the standards crest and display it in auctions , we also are very committed to sharing our knowledge and helping others grow their talents.
We offer free classes and you get credit for the class and when you have done all of the mandatory class you can graduate.