Colliii Jury member Sandie Unger on her mission to ArizonaColliii Jury member Sandie Unger on her mission to Arizona

As part of a 2 part story, has met up with Colliii Awards 2008 jury member and pillar of the worldwide doll community Sandie Unger. In this second part of the story Sandie Unger see how Sandie visited the native Americans in Arizona and brought smiles to the faces of children and adults a like!

Look how happy!
Look how happy!

Here is Sandies report from her wonderful trip to Arizona.

Reading her report really shows how much joy dolls can bring people. She undertook the long drive from her home in Pennsylvania and travelled almost the entire width of the USA to bring joy to a small native American community. So read on to find out about Sandies roadtrip across America!

"We drove over 6000 miles on this Mission. It was very rewarding. We lived amongst a Navajo community and they welcomed us into their lives. I learned so much from them of their cultures and everyday life. I was even accepted by 2 of the elder grandmothers, and I was told they never talk to white people. So I was very proud of the photo they left me take with them.

The little children were so loving, and we had a great time handing out over 200 Berenguer Dolls. We also distributed lots of donated clothing, childrens books, stuffed animals, toys and other items.

The pictures show the building they call the Shade House, it is a meeting place, and we put out all the donations there and the families came thruout the days and took what they could use. What a great feeling to help.

We also went into schools, and many homes to distribute the Dolls. The families were very kind to invite us into their lives.

Many would not let us take pictures of them, as they believe part of their soul is taken by the photo. But here are a few for you to see.
I choose Berenguer Dolls each year to distribute, as I think they have a warmth to them, that children just take into their heart immediately.

Look how happy!
The village meeting room
What a wonderful thing!
Sandie with some of the locals