Colliii Interview with Awards director James CarlssonColliii Interview with Awards director James Carlsson

To celebrate the 5th year of the Colliii Awards, we can now present you with an exclusive interview with Colliii Awards director James (Jim) Carlsson and what his hopes are for this years competition.
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Jim Carlsson and Jury member Albie Wentzel...
Jim Carlsson and Jury member Albie Wentzel... Thank you for taking some time for us James. Tell us a little about yourself and your role at

Jim: I have been working for Colliii for over 5 years now where I started as a translator and researcher and have been coordinating the competition for the past 3 years. Most people know me at work as James but outside of work everybody calls me Jim! And what can you tell us about you personally?

Jim: I was born and raised in England but left when I was 20 to move to Germany where I worked as a fitness trainer and masseur. I then lived in Spain for 4 years where I ran my own business and moved back to Germany in 2007. I love travelling and have inter-railed around Europe twice for a total of 10 weeks and last year I went with my wife for 6 weeks to Argentina and Brazil doing volunteer work. Do you ever make dolls yourself?

Jim: I once attended a Reborn course in Germany, but to be honest with you, my talents lie elsewhere! I can appreciate the art but Im not the sculpting type, maybe I will take it up in the future! How have the Colliii Awards changed over the years?

Jim: I remember the first year, that was very exciting as it was new for all of us. We held the finals at the Eschwege doll show and we had dolls from all over the world there! It was a massive undertaking though and a logistical marathon. Not all of the dolls arrived in once piece and the amount of work that went into it was huge! It was nice to meet a lot of artists in person though. I remember doing an interview with Maribel Villanova, Elly Knoops, Hildegard Günzel etc, that was fun!

The competition has grown, a lot due to hard work promoting it and also because of its unique nature. It really is the most international competition and the way it is organised means that people from all over the world know about it. In what way do people all over the world know about it?

Jim: For example, when people win, we contact local newspapers where the winners live and report to them the story, some get a lot of exposure from it, for example Lyn Conlon was on the television, Ros Johnson was in various newspapers as was Sandie Unger. So we always try our best to help people get coverage! What is the plan for this year?

Jim: It will be business as usual! We will try our best to help as many people as possible to registrer. We had 3 times as many people register last year as in the first year, so the competition has definitly grown, but its not always the same winners and there are always suprises! What plans do you have for the coming year?

Jim: Well, in January I will be the proud owner of my own little baby, my wife is pregnant and the baby is due in January. Other than that I will have a busy summer with the organisation of the competition! Congratulations! We wish you all the best for the competition and also for your own baby!

Jim Carlsson and Jury member Albie Wentzel...
...with Colliii Sponsor and winner Stephan Biemann
In Argentina