Colliii Awards OOAK nominations are here!Colliii Awards OOAK nominations are here!

Here are some of the OOAK nominations for the 2012 Colliii Awards. The jury are still deliberating about post nominees.

With so many dolls to choose from this year, our jury members have had their work cut out!

With more dolls than ever before, the Colliii Awards 2012 has certainly cemented its place as the worlds largest dolls competition. This almost means that the final winners will have been choses from among over 400 amazing dolls from around the world and those winners will soon be announced!

Here are some of the OOAK nominations. The prizes for this category include:

  • Best One of a kind Overall 2012 (Peoples Choice)
  • Best OOAK Newborn 2012 (Jury Award)
  • Best OOAK Baby 2012 (Jury Award)
  • Best OOAK Toddler 2012 (Jury Award)
  • Best OOAK Human 2012 (Jury Award)
  • Best OOAK Fantasy Figure 2012 (Jury Award)
  • Best OOAK Special Effects 2012 (Jury Award)
  • Best OOAK Mini Baby 2012 (Jury Award)
  • Best OOAK Mini Human 2012 (Jury Award)
  • Best OOAK Mini Fantasy Figure 2012 (Jury Award)

    Here are the nominees so far!
Lincoln by Laura Lee Eagles
Loo-Li by Betty Morel
Maya by Christa Götzen
Pippa by Olga Specht
Some Bunny Loves Me by Lisa Gregg
Joy ride by Lori Platt
Lady Mockingbird by Judy Henninger
The Dryad by Lori Platt
Johann by Karola Wegerich
The King by Ina Volprich
Aly by Yana Ivanyuk
Clara by Natalie Scholl
Rebecca by Eva Brilli
Sophie by Tatiana Gekht
Come With Me in a Submarine World by Fabrizio Corbo
English Roses Fairy by Patrizia Cozzo
Lotus Fairy by Wendy Somerville
Babbo, I'm a boy!! by Elisa Fenoglio
Believe by Patrizia Cozo
Final Touch by Nina Tugarina
White Swan by Raffaella Scarpato
Freya by Tina Kewy
Heavenly by Nicole J Russell
Jayden by Natalie Scholl
Mercedes by Laura Lee Eagles
Marcy by Christa Götzen