We are already planning the Colliii Awards for 2013 and need YOUR help!
Here is a proposal to shorten the running time of the competition and move it forward to Spring. Read on at let us know what you think in the Poll found on the top right of the website.

The Colliii Awards 2012 have been, thanks to you all, a success and now it is time to plan the competition for 2013.

The following proposal has been made and we would like your feedback for it!

* Shorten the registration period from the current July and August to the first 2 weeks of April (thus making the whole competition quicker)

* Shorten the online voting time from 2 weeks to 10 days. This would make the voting faster and would help to determine the nominees and winners quicker! The online voting would then run from the 19th to the 28th of April.

* The jury voting would then run from the 29th of April to the 5th of May

* The final winners would be posted online on the 10th of May (within only 6 weeks of the competition starting.

We would love to know what you think of the proposal and if you have other ideas please post them for discussion in the forum! Click here for the discussion
Dont forget to give us your vote in the POLL here on the website!

Thanks for you support!