Colliii Awards 2012 Questions and answersColliii Awards 2012 Questions and answers

With the registrations underway, here are a few helpful answers to some of the most popular questions regarding the Colliii Awards 2012. We will be updating this page over the coming weeks if more questions come in. Feel free to use the forums to post other questions too...

Q: What is the maximum size my photos can be?
A: You can upload up to 6MB for each entry you have. This has to be divided up over all the photos for that entry.

Q: Can I enter a doll that I no longer have?
A: Yes you can enter a creation of yours that is no longer there, but it could prove tricky later in the's why...

If your doll gets nominated by the public during the online voting (which would be great!) then the jury might (that's only a might) ask for more photos of details etc of your doll to make an informed decision. This is only a might though.... If you don't have the doll and cant do it they have to work on what they have.... It could possibly be a slight disadvantage, or it could be fine... but that's what might happen. Don't let that worry you though!

Q: When can I pay for my registration?
A: We will be processing the invoices from the middle of August. Don't worry though, the registrations will run until the end of August

Q: How does the voting work?
A: The voting is divided up into 2 parts, the online “public” voting and the jury votes.

Q: How can I edit my entry?
A: Simply click no the Colliii Awards Registrations Page and when you see the name of your doll, click on it. From there you can click on the button that says edit.

The online voting will run from the 14th of September. Here is where all of the users around the world get to vote on the registered dolls.
Each user can choose which category they would like to vote on and they are presented with the dolls in that category.
In order to make it more fair, each voter is presented with the dolls in a random order.
This means that no voter knows whose doll will be next and there are no indications in the photos allowed to say whose doll is whose, its all based on merit.
The 15 or so dolls with the most votes by the public are then nominated for the jury to determine their winners for the various awards.

Remember not to publish which dolls you are going to enter and ask people to vote for them, as these entries will be deleted.