Colliii Awards 2012 Billing UpdateColliii Awards 2012 Billing Update

Here is a brief update regarding the billing for entries made to the Colliii Awards 2012 online doll making competition...

With the registrations under way since the 1st of July, entries are coming in from all over the world.
Have you registered your dolls yet? If not don´t delay, register today!

If you haven´t registered your dolls be they OOAK, Reborn, Play&Collector, Silicon or doll kit for the competition you still can up until the 31st of August.

The billing/invoicing for the Colliii Awards 2012 will soon begin and will run until the 1st week of September. If you have not received an invoice don´t worry that is normal!

We thank you for your patience with the billing and wish you all the best for this unique competition!