Colliii Awards 2010 winners and reviewColliii Awards 2010 winners and review

The worlds largest online doll making competition has now finished. Read on to find out about the winners, the entries and more in this review of the event....

The doll making event of the year has drawn to a close and with it ends the largest online doll competition in the world.
The Colliii Awards 2010 saw over 300 dolls entered from every continent. The competition back in 2009 welcomed 185 dolls for the event and the new categories and sponsors helped to make this years competition even larger.

The new categories helped artists and producers to enter various kinds of dolls including the following new categories:
"One of a kind" Fantasy Figures, Humans, Mini-Fantasy Figures and Mini-Humans
"Reborns" Fantasy Reborns, Reborn Toddlers
"Doll Kits" Fantasy Doll Kits

The competition sponsors for 2010 helped to raise the profile of the competition and invite more doll makers than ever before to take part. The sponsors included  previous sponsors: Schildkröt, Real Effect and Discover Dolls. New sponsors were Dolls Magazine, MacPherson Arts and Crafts, Dolls by Sandie, Lifelike Dolls Magazine, La Bacchetta Magica, Nicky Creation and Doll Master Magazine.
The media partners of the competition will be reporting on the competition and bringing you interviews with the winners over the coming weeks.

The final winners of the competition came from 9 countries and these were:
Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Australia, Greece, USA, Spain, Italy and France.

A record 5 Colliii Awards went to the French Reborn doll artist Celine Boiron for her dolls Sakineh and Aahna. will be bringing you an exclusive interview with Celine Boiron very soon!

We would like to thank everybody that entered the competition and supported the Colliii awards in 2010. It will be our pleasure to present you with another competition in the coming year!

Here are the final winners of the Colliii Awards 2010 again:

Award                                       Dolls Name                                     Artist          

Best OOAK Overall                    Albert                                             Ina Volprich
Best OOAK Newborn                 Baby Khian                                     Tina Kewy
Best OOAK Baby                       Jasie                                               Olga Auer
Best OOAK Toddler                   Maylin                                             Hanni Posch
Best OOAK Human                    Albert                                             Ina Volprich
Best OOAK Fantasy Figure        Algor                                              Ina Volprich
Best OOAK Mini-Baby                Nathan                                           Mina Torquati
Best OOAK Mini-Human             The big wash                                 Anna Zueva
Best OOAK Mini-Fantasy Figure Sleeping Fairy                                Patrizia Cozzo
Best OOAK Special Effects         Time means nothing                      Natali Blick

Best Reborn Overall                   Noah                                              Stacey Haskins      
Best Reborn Preemie                 Sakineh                                          Celine Boiron
Best Reborn Baby                      Aahna                                             Celine Boiron
Best Reborn Toddler                  Bella                                               Gabriella Steiner
Best Reborn Fantasy Doll          Orick Woodland Sprite                    Lisa Cobo
Best Rooting                              Kimara                                            Falicia Sherborn
Best Painting                             Aahna                                             Celine Boiron
Best Presentation                      Aahna                                            Celine Boiron
Best Special Effects                    Aahna                                            Celine Boiron

Best Preemie Doll Kit                  Reuben Thomas                             Carol Kneisley
Best Baby Doll Kit                       Angelina                                         Petra Seiffert
Best Toddler Doll Kit                   Bonnie                                            Simply Reborn

Best Play Doll 2010                    Klara                                               Schildkröt
Best Collector Doll 2010             Moritz                                             Schildkröt

VIP AWARD                                                                                        Stephanie Sullivan