Colliii Awards 2008Colliii Awards 2008

At last the English and German pages for the categories are up and running!

After working at full speed for the last few weeks, we have finally got the German and English pages ready. The other languages are still in production!

We are happy that even before the official opening of the website we have had the support of our sponsors and new sponsors have pledged support too.
Having Schildkröt which is one of Germanys most famous producers as oneof our main sponsors is also a delight, and they have also pledged some original Schildkröt models as prizes for the online voting winners.
We are also very happy to have the backing of Berenguer, who are also sponsorsing various beautiful babies for the winners of the online voting.

We are happy that personalities such as Reinhard Wölfert and Virginia Ullrich are also on the Jury. Last week the IRDA Guild pledged their support to the awards which adds a different dimension to the awards.

Today we got further support pledged from Romie Strydom in South Africa and the large US doll dealers Dolls by Sandie, Nikki Dolls and Irresistables. From the other side of the world we have had pledges from Lyn Conlon, director of Lyns Reborn World in Australia.

Only a few days left and then we go online!!!