Berenguer USA Sponsors the Colliii AwardsBerenguer USA Sponsors the  Colliii Awards

We are happy to announce that last week Richard Cerda, the president from Dolls by Berenguer USA agreed to sponsor the Colliii Awards. We are happy that the largest realistic baby play doll producer in the USA has agreed sponsorship for Colliii.

Berenguer has agreed to offer extensive sponsorship. We are happy to
have financial as well as prizes for the competition and artistic

We are happy that the number of people reached for
the competition will be greatly increased by the mentions given in the
newsletters by Berenguer, who will also by encouraging doll lovers to
get involved in the voting (whereby you can win some of their prizes)
and the competition itself. We look forward to seeing a representative
from Berenguer at the awards in Eschwege too.

Of course Berenguer
will be entering their own dolls fot the competition in the categories
Play Dolls and Artistic Dolls, so keep your eyes open for the

The photos with the dolls that Berenguer will be
presenting for the winners of the prize draw will be shown on the
Colliii web page within the next few days.

Your Colliii Team