Q & AQ & A

Question: Who can register for the competition?
We are inviting all "one of a kind" modelists, all reborn artists, all doll kits producers, all artistic doll producers, all producers of playdolls, to take part in the competition.

Question: How many dolls can I as a single artist enter into the competition?
This info can be found in the competition rules for each category.

Question: Does that mean that a doll producer can only enter one kit?
No. For each artist that the producer has under contract, they can enter a
dollkit or artistic doll. For example if they have 3 artists under contract they can enter 3 dolls. The maximum amount however is 10 per catergory.

Question: What is the difference between this competition and others.
Colliii.com: Many competition claim to be international. Often the competition is displayed in one language which can limit the competition to a certain region. The goal of the Colliii Awards is to open the competition to a truly worldwide audience. The Colliii Awards 2012 was the worlds largest competition for dolls.