Manufactured collector and play dolls Manufactured collector and play dolls

  1. Each entry has to have at least one and maximum 10 photos to display on the website. These have to be entered before the closing date (see the timeline)
  2. Either the artist of the doll or the manufacturer can enter for the competition. Both have to make sure that the correct rights for the entry and display have been obtained for the show.
  3. Each artist can register one model, and each manufacturer can enter a maximum of 10 per category and per artist.
  4. If an artist produces by different producers, then they can enter a model for each producer they work with.

    Manufactured collector and play dolls: All collector and play dolls that fulfill the European toy standard EN71, and conform to the CE regulations for children age 3 and over can enter for the following categories:

    1. Play dolls: Realisitic reproduction designed as play dolls for children. Doll dimensions up to 22 inch (55cm)
    2. Artistic/Collector dolls: Finished reproductions of artistic/collector dolls measuring up to 22 inch (55cm)

    Awards or prizes for these categories will be the following:

    • Best Play Doll 2013 (Peoples choice)
    • Best Collector Doll 2013 (Peoples choice)

Entry Costs: