General Rules General Rules

General rules for the Colliii Awards 2013

  1. The Colliii Awards 2013 are being organised by Nicky Creation GmbH ( owners of in Bielefeld, Germany. For more info about the organisers see the company details.
  2. The registration for the Colliii Awards 2013 must be completed between the
    01.07.2013 and the 31.07.2013 No registrations will be accepted after this.  
  3. The registration fee ( for registration fees choose the catergory you want
    from the left and see the bottom of the article
    ) must be paid into either the Paypal or the bank account of, and this until the 06.08.2013. Registrations that have not been paid for until this time will not be taken into consideration.
  4. The contestants create a profile on and must upload the fotos
    of their dolls/kits no later than 06.08.2013 on the Colliii website. No
    photo enhancements of the doll through a photo enhancement or graphics
    programme are allowed. The photo should not display/include the contestants identity.The particpant in the contest confirms through their registration that they are legally allowed to display photos of the doll/kit. They also confirm their understanding that will use the photos on the website as well as in other mediums such as magazines that are connected with In case a third or more party claims rights to the photos then then
    through this registration the participant transfers any responsability from to themselves. More info about photos can be found in the sub-catergories.
  5. The online voting will run from the 14.08.2013 on All verified users will be allowed to vote within the 2 weeks voting period.
    Verified users have been identity checked to remove all possible fraud and cheating. the voting will be anonomous, in other words the name of the artist or manufacturer/producer will not be seen, only the photos. Each user of will have one vote per category only per round. These votes will be stored in a database along with the name of the voter. These votes will be be presented to the head of the jury and the patron of the show, to rule out cheating. please see the individual categories for more info about the voting. For more info regarding the schedule see the calendar section.
  6. Only dolls that have been on the market before 01.07.2013 are allowed to enter the competition. This includes the category "Reborns", "Doll kits" "Silicon Dolls" and Play&Collector dolls. Proto-types and pre-releases will be automatically disqualified as they have an unfair advantage. This obviously does not count for OOAK dolls and or doll kits.
  7. Various models can be registered for each category. For more info see the category rules.
  8. has the right to use the photos given to them for the competition for their website and all affiliated media sources free of charge.
  9. Through the registration on the website, the participant agrees not to prosecute
  10. All employees of Nicky Creation are excluded from the competition. All jury members are likewise excluded from entering dolls in the category their are judging on in the competition.
  11. All sponsors are allowed to enter 3-4 dolls (doll kits. artistic dolls and play dolls). These will be entered for the online voting only, and this will rule out any manipulation.
  12. Photograpy of the awards is to be authorised by For more info email us at
  13. For more info about the individual categories please see the menus to the left for more info about your category.