Colliii Awards dates and timesColliii Awards dates and times



Registration time for  artists, producers and manufacturers.
30.08.2013 to08.09.2013 CAT 1+2 OOAK and Reborn:
Online Vote: Which 24 OOAK and which 24 Reborns do you want to nominate for the finals. Join the voting and can help decide who will be in the finals. You might be suprised who the Jury and the voters choose!

CAT 3-5
Artistic Dolls, Doll kits and Play dolls:

Online Vote: Which kit will be the artistic doll of the year 2013, which producer and sculptor are your favorites for the best doll kit 2013, and which producer has created the most realistic play doll of the last 12 months?
CAT 1+2 OOAK and Reborn
Jury voting: During this time the Jury will evaluate the OOAK´s and Reborns. This is when the details count! The jury might ask for more photos of the dolls so be prepared to send the photos if needs be.
20.09.2013 The winners of the Colliii Awards 2013 will be announced on