Interviews and portraitsInterviews and portraits

Beautiful in its delicacy meets Dutch mini baby modelist Marina de meets Dutch mini baby modelist Marina de Zeeuw

Marina de Zeeuw shows us her wonderful sculpts of mini babies and tells us how
simple she makes it!

Colliii meets South African artist Romie StrydomColliii meets South African artist Romie Strydom

Doty Award nominee Romie Strydom tells us a little about herself

10 minutes with Gudrun Legler10 minutes with Gudrun Legler

Top selling artist Gudrun Legler, best known for "Pauline" and this summers super hit "Nils" has taken a few minutes to tell us about herself.

Colliii meets UK artist Denise FarmerColliii meets UK artist Denise Farmer

Colliii interview with UK artist Denise Farmer

Stéphanie Lefebvre meets a Reborner from meets a Reborner from France.

Stéphanie Lefebvre is a member of International Reborn Doll Artists (IRDA) and is the first French artist to be contacted by

Rosi with her certificate

First Ervera qualified rebornerFirst Ervera qualified reborner

The guild Evera e.V. for Reborns and artists has qualified the first artists.

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