Colliii AwardsColliii Awards

Lifelike Dolls Magazine sponsors the Colliii Awards 2010Lifelike Dolls Magazine sponsors the Colliii Awards 2010

The Canadian based dolls magazine is the latest addition to the 2010 Colliii Awards sponsors list. Read on to find out more about this fascinating dolls magazine...

Discover Dolls

Discover Dolls: Official sponsor of the Colliii Awards 2010Discover Dolls: Official sponsor of the Colliii Awards 2010

We are happy to welcome the English based dolls magazine Discover Dolls as a sponsor and partner for this years Colliii Awards.

Colliii Awards 2009 final winnersColliii Awards 2009 final winners

Here again are the winning dolls for this years competition. Congratulations to all that won!

Colliii Awards 2009 results updateColliii Awards 2009 results update

Due to ongoing post production work on the special "Colliii Awards Results" episode of Colliii TV we thank you for your patience and understanding and hope to release the episode this coming Tuesday (27th of October)


Colliii Awards 2009 Post-NomineesColliii Awards 2009 Post-Nominees

Here are the jurys post nominees for the Colliii Awards 2009

Colliii Awards 2009 important update.Colliii Awards 2009 important update.

The following information is about the jury votes for this years Colliii Awards online doll competition.

The online voting is now closed.The online voting is now closed.

The online voting stage of the Colliii Awards 2009 is now finished. The nominated dolls are...

Colliii Awards 2009 VotingColliii Awards 2009 Voting

The most beautiful dolls from all around the world are now waiting for your vote at

Colliii Awards final checksColliii Awards final checks

The registration period is now officially over. Please go over the following information carefully to make sure your entry is completed.

French Guild "ARFLG" enters the Colliii Awards 2009French Guild "ARFLG" enters the Colliii Awards 2009

French Guild "ARFLG" and German producer Real Effect team together for the Colliii Awards 2009

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